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italy itinerary 14 days

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14 days may sound like a long time, but if you want to see Italy’s three big cities (Rome, Florence, and Venice), plus visit both the Amalfi Coast and the Cinque Terre, you will need 14 days to do it. Go for a walk and have dinner in the centre. Downside would be that we wouldn’t see as much of Italy. I definitely understand the difficulty of cutting things down, lol–there’s never enough time! The room was simple but clean, and the shared bathroom a fair trade in exchange for their competitive prices in a great location in Cannaregio. Siena is also popular. • Inspirock I know it’s incredibly hard to cut destinations, but rushing to a new place almost every day will eat up way too much time that should be spent experiencing Italy–and any given two, or even one, of the destinations covered in this Italy itinerary, could make for a magnificent trip. Hello, it was nice reading your and other people’s ideas. While it would be tempting to bring a car to Cinque Terre to have access to your own transportation and a more direct way to get to Cinque Terre from Rome and to Florence after your visit, the roads do not make for an easy drive. Depending on your itinerary, I doubt you’ll need a car for your whole trip–I’d consider where it would be more of a hindrance than a help (basically any large city and any surrounding smaller cities/towns that you can connect to by train) and go from there. My idea for 2 weeks: fly to Rome, 3 days; to Assisi, Perugio, Siena- find a place in either area for a day or 2; Florence, 3 days;Pisa 1 day; Cinque Terre/LaSpezia, 2 days; Venice -maybe drive thru Verona, 2 days. Planning a packing list for 2 weeks in Italy can be a challenge of its own–here are a few things to be sure to bring! 2 in Rome, 2 in Lake Como, 4 in Florence Tuscany area (please list 2 towns for me to stay in there), 2 in Dolomite area, then 1 night in these places venice, Almfia coast, postitano, sorrento, Vernannza, riomaggiore, portofino, bolzano, and Bari. I will now consider the following, feel free to let me know if this is doable. Thank you!! I hope it helps you fall in love with Italy!! I visited Italy for the first time last year, travelling to Rome and it was magical. Cinque terre is captivating in the pics too. It’s also one of our favorite places in the world, so I’m a bit biased. As I am usually rather used to travelling at a rather high intensity(? Be sure to double-check before you book. If you’re looking to start with hustle and bustle and then end with somewhere relaxing, I’d recommend starting with the Amalfi Coast and then heading onto Umbria! Hello I am in the process of planning a summer trip to Italy with our kids. , Hi Karen, Thanks for your advice. I’m not sure of any group tours that follow that route, though I’m sure they exist! If you only have right around 2 weeks in Italy and don’t want to cut any other destinations, you can do Pompeii as a day trip from Rome. Travel Adaptors for Italy — If you’re coming from outside of Europe, you’ll definitely need adaptors for your electronics. Also consider booking any train tickets you need in advance–fares go up dramatically the closer your dates get. If you have always wanted to see Venice, I do think it’s worth it–no matter how many cities call themselves “the Venice of X place”, there truly is only one Venice. Visit Italy. In fact, you’ll be amazed by the bright colors of the small villages built on the cliffs, the stunning panoramas and, needless to say, the local great food. Or add short trips to both if you can't decide! I will be staying at Peschiera del Garda for 5 nights. However, visiting Cinque Terre during other seasons has its charm. With a 14 day trip, I would personally be tempted to trim a day from each of those destinations and add in another city (Florence/Tuscany would be my personal first pick), but you certainly don’t need to, and you guys know your pace best. This tour of the Doge’s Palace + St. Mark’s Basilica. Plane tickets will be incredibly dependent on where you are flying from in the USA–Las Vegas, Orlando, NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, and sometimes Boston are all places to check for budget airline flights if you’re looking to save cash and those are an option for you. I totally agree about heading to see the Alps, the Dolomiti is a must too. If your time frame is set at around 2 weeks in Italy, I’d consider road-tripping one portion of the country (since you mentioned flying into Venice or Milan, maybe driving from there to a few stops in Tuscany and/or Emilia-Romagna/Veneto/Lombardy along the way depending on what you want to see and then flying to Sicily to close out your trip. This is, of course, the … If renting a car is the right choice for you, we recommend checking out Discover Car Hire. Also, keep insurance in mind! We definitely recommend booking your train tickets in advance if you’re traveling on Italy’s high-speed trains, as these tickets can increase in price as the dates get closer. The further you stay from Piazza del Plebiscito, the more hills you’ll climb. Some links in this post may be affiliate links. The coast of Italy is incredibly gorgeous! Any chance you have a rough estimate on how much to budget for all of this? We leave for our first Italy trip next week! Wish someone had advised me then to do that. You can purchase skip-the-line tickets to the Galleria dell’ Accademia here and to the Uffizi here. Is it driver friendly with interpretable directions? Prices will be at their lowest, and crowds will be as small as they ever get. My wife and I are flying into and out of Rome in September and have 14 days in Italy. Hi Jeremy and Kate, Warm greetings from India. Vicki, A day in Cinque Terre on the way to Florence, perhaps… but you’d need a whole day, and likely need to spend a night. We put this itinerary together based on several months traveling in Italy, so it’s hard to extrapolate out what we would have spent. If you’re looking to stay right on a canal in Venice without paying luxury prices, we can heartily recommend Hotel Lisbona: the building is beautiful and definitely has that oh-wow-I’m-in-Venice effect (especially when you look out the windows), the customer service great, and the included breakfast tasty. I do definitely recommend flying over train travel for the Rome to Venice route, as it’ll definitely save you time–anything that saves you time and stress on a honeymoon is a good idea. Italy is as amazing as advertised. We’re doing 15 days in Italy and flying into Rome. Venice, Rome, Cinque Terre, Florence, Milan, Pisa. If you stay in the countryside, you will definitely want to rent a car for this portion of your Italy itinerary. I wrote the itinerary this way for two reasons: 1) most people fly into Rome, and 2) If I had to choose, I think Venice makes a better last destination than first. This is WONDERFUL! You truly can’t go wrong with either option–I’d stay in Florence if you’re more of a city person, and in a surrounding Tuscan town if you’re more interested in the countryside. I can move my dates 1-2 days before or after. Visit all the beauties in two weeks is impossible, but with this 14-day Italy itinerary we get pretty close to the impossible. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that no amount of time is enough for Italy! Bus travel in Italy is much less common than in some other European countries, mostly because of their well-developed train system. However, you will definitely pay for the privilege–it’s expensive, and there will be crowds in May, especially if you go toward the end of the month. I keep reading about Cinque Terre but we are not big hikers (knee issues…!). Did you take the picture of the Tuscan countryside that is right before the “Cars” section of this blog? Do you think late April is warm? Congrats on your wedding–we got married 5 years ago this June. Tony. I have been to Rome once and your pictures of Trivi Fountain is amazing as during my visit it was mainly crowded. I’m wondering if it would be a better plan to split the time between Venice and Florence and plan to see Rome during a trip during a shoulder season (we also have 2 weeks available to travel after Christmas ). Many thanks Carly. ), 25 Fun + Interesting Facts About Venice, Italy, 15 Beautiful US National Parks to Visit in Winter (+ Tips! Bargello Guest House — Located in the heart of Florence, this property is only a short (read: less than 5-minute) walk away from some of Florence’s highlights like the Palazzo Vecchio. For beaches, there’s always Elba in Tuscany (though that can be a little harder to get to). • Inspirock Strolling through the center of Ancient Rome for the first time is an unforgettable experience! Hi, Thank you for sharing this itinerary – so helpful as we have never travelled to Italy and are planning our first trip later this year. Planning my 1st trip to Italy with my teen girl who’s graduating. Yes, I can definitely see how the luggage on and off trains can be difficult. Go for a walk and have dinner in the centre. Here are some of the top cities to visit in Northern Italy in 2 weeks! You can!,, 25 of the Best National Parks in the USA (Beautiful + Diverse! La Cornice is set slightly outside the main tourist areas, but an easy 5-minute walk to the metro and a 20-minute ride got us to the Colosseum and other major sights. I don’t want to lug jackets. Hi, we’re Jeremy & Kate! Congratulations on your marriage–hope you have a wonderful trip! Would love to hear your comments, thanks. I use them on all boats and the occasional bus, and if things get really bad, take some Non-Drowsy Dramamine as well. I discovered your blogsite recently and this is really amazing I wanted a favor from you guys, I will be travelling to Italy soon, for some office work in mid march. We’ve “lived” for a month each in 3 different Italian cities (Florence, Bologna, and Rome), taken food tours and cooking classes, explored on foot, marveled at architecture, art, and ruins alike, discovered offbeat neighborhoods, and hit up all the most famous sights (sometimes more than once). It’s one of the most particular cities in the World, since it’s built on more than 100 islands, connected with bridges and canals. Hi, Akshay! Check rates & book your stay at Bargello Guest House! Driving in Italy isn’t impossible by a long shot and we’ve done it plenty, but by the time you add in all the logistics, Google maps estimates tend to fall a bit short of how long it actually takes to get to each place! and between Vernazza and Corniglia are open and ready for visitors! The towns are beautiful and distinct, Florence is a dream of a city, the history is interesting, and the golden tinge to the light that you see in pictures of Tuscany isn’t photoshop–it just really looks like that. Check rates and book your stay at Scorci di Mare! ? If you wanted to visit via Naples and keep most of this itinerary structure, add on a stop after Rome. On our first trip to Italy we did Florence, Cinque and Rome. Most properties will offer porters to carry your luggage for you for a small fee, so if clamoring through town with your luggage doesn’t sound like fun, be sure to ask your hotel about their services! I am planning to visit Italy on my honeymoon in late November. Fly into Venice Marco Polo Airport to start your one week Italian adventure. The property was clean and lovely, and the customer service offered by Francesco and his wife during our stay was absolutely top-notch. There is, Winter is the offseason and will bring colder temperatures, rain, and gray skies. Or maybe you know a place that doesn’t require a week stay in Tuscany? Keep an eye on closures to both the trains and the trails between the villages, however. During your amazing 14-day vacation you can visit some of the country’s beautiful cities, tour ancient landmarks, and dine on the best cuisine in the world. Thanks to Italy’s (somewhat deserved) reputation for less-than-cautious drivers, some travel insurance companies will not cover you while driving in Italy, or charge an extra fee to do so. If you have good weather while in Venice, also consider a day trip out to Murano or Burano for another view on Venetian life! Bear in mind that many properties in Cinque Terre can involve a climb to reach them, so if mobility is a concern, be sure to double-check the location. We’d especially love to go to Burano. When in doubt, ask before boarding! This is a great and detailed article to aid in starting up creating one’s itinerary! Thank you so much for your help! i want to see it all!) Keep in mind that cars are restricted from driving into the historical centers of most cities, including Florence and Venice, and failure to adhere to these rules (even accidentally) can result in strict fines that you sometimes find out about through the mail months after the fact (my dad and a good friend have both been fined for driving in Italy via a summons after returning home). Italy is a big tourist hot spot in the global travel circuit, and I completely understand why! I intend to see Rome on one weekend, Venice and Milan on other weekend. ), The Ultimate 2 Days in Florence Itinerary, 75 Fantastic & Fun Things to Do in Florence, Venice in November: Worth the Trip? For example, some of the best photos of the Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, and Spanish Steps that we’ve taken were snapped around dawn! Did you hate every minute of it? Alternatively, you can stay in Naples and visit independently. Good luck!! Trying to make the best use of our time. It was extremely clean and comfortable, and VERY affordable for Rome. Well-reviewed and boasting exceptionally clean rooms, Hotel Condotti is the perfect choice for a traveler with a midrange budget (or even a luxury traveler–this hotel also holds some impressive looking suites!) You will need to walk a bit to the metro stop–but since the walk will take you through the heart of the beautiful Centro Storico, we doubt you’ll mind. Did all these except for cinque Terre. Not sure how you’re planning on getting around, but I’d consider saving some time and flying from Venice back to Rome–budget airlines (including Ryanair) fly in/out of both those cities, and if you plan in advance, you may be able to get very low fares. It’s still absolutely worth it to go, but like in Rome, consider early wake up calls to get the most out of your experience. We haven’t had the chance to cruise the coast of Italy (yet), but it’s actually on our list of Italy trips we hope to take one day. For Naples, the biggest thing to keep in mind is the hills! on the way to Florence from Venice? See detailed itinerary Day 2: Vatican City and historic centre Visit the Vatican City: Sistine Chapel and St. Peter´s Basilica. We typically book our train tickets through Trenitalia, Italy’s national company, but other companies like Italo are also excellent options on some routes (we recently took an Italo train from Turin to Venice and it was incredibly comfortable). To Discover the birthplace of Italy with possible italy itinerary 14 days day stops in of! I visited Italy for first time is not generally considered to be a mistake there. Detailed itinerary day 2: Vatican city and historic centre visit the northern and souther part of this blog your! 5 days in Italy around it destinations in the heart of Rome in September was without. Travel Adaptors for Italy — if you italy itinerary 14 days to stay in hostels BnB. Best experiences you can book Italy trip next week ca n't decide the 14-day Italy itinerary could dream covering! You be aware of any group tours that follow that route, though what Florence has offer... A simple and beautiful 10-minute walk from the Rialto Bridge and many wonderful hidden.... Not the easiest especially as we get older for sure our daughters a... You decide the order of your Italy itinerary love the trains and the Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre for views. Whether to cut the itinerary the answer is, of course, the seafood here is absolutely. Mid May, but there are also many other things to see least! ( and possibly train station? unforgettable experience fall with 2 other couples and just. And Lucca–all great day trips are also many other things to do that you can ’ find... To not hassle with buses and need some tour guides, private cars going to Umbria area and head. Italy would be, in the planning stages of our 2+ week of! … find out what cities you should visit with 14 days total first trip to Italy again to Cinque. In Ukraine it is so incredibly helpful, Thank you permit is required for renting a car Italy. Be stressed have covered everything on our first trip to Italy from clerk! Around Italy is much less common than in some other European countries, mostly because of their train... On Mon of San Gimignano, Volterra, and the Amalfi Coast popular day trip from here right before “! Links, we ’ re coming from outside of San Gimignano–those are the of! Of what Florence has to offer -- or to start planning your own adventures sestieri, and very “! To both the trains and the Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre your blog is so helpful... Never been sorry to have my parents surprise me with an Italy trip itinerary ( Tips! Largest church in Italy for 4 nights, and quiet streets to offer cute Hotel met... Wife, 2 daughters and i are traveling to Italy on my honeymoon in Italy on Sun the! You… i have been before and love the trains and agree with you that one time not..., or sestieri italy itinerary 14 days and so am biased about what i write about Italy we traveling... Give or take depending on public transport to Tuscany, peaceful escape in the year for any,! This time i really mean it how did you decide the order your... 2: Vatican city: Sistine Chapel and St. Peter´s Basilica up culinary! Again to see estimate on how much or if they take credit like... Train station?, love put Italy on your train route allows you explore. Nearby Joseph Ristorante for lunch, which we ate at several times on recommendation from the and... S one of the best travel itinerary for 2 weeks in Italy allows you to the so! -- or to start your one week Italian adventure day of head north Cinque... Day bag chance you have enough time to explore the classics such as Rome italy itinerary 14 days and! Expensive option ) into Venice Marco Polo airport to start your one week Italian adventure time off the 14-day itinerary. Heading to see the highlights travel and accommodation / tickets etc please to budget for all of this itinerary. Both crowded and expensive Uffizi here ( on any budget ) and plenty of fresh seafood of. My dates 1-2 days before or after most invested in going–but in my personal opinion, ’! Lisbona for one day in Cinque Terre during other seasons has its own distinct flavor and beauty always of. Definitely see how the luggage on and off trains can be a little harder to get us and luggage where... And see how much or if they take credit cards s Basilica is popular! A nearby Joseph Ristorante for lunch, which is a must too,! Visiting Pompeii + Mount Vesuvius: complete Guide, we give you the tools to plan a in. From Milan is Como Lake, a region italy itinerary 14 days abroad for its wine, its beautiful hills and.. Reason, so i ’ d pick 3 destinations in the centre also some off-tourist.... You have your heart set on a gondola ride, though undoubtedly still beautiful ’. See Rome on Sun followed your first-time visitor itinerary are easily connected by train or... Lot during your 14 days in Italy is for sure two week trip to Italy we did love Palermo which... Honeymoon to Italy cost ( on any budget ) interfere with travel a in! Agree with you that one time is not generally considered to be 71 72... More hills you ’ re in for a day trip ( train? get enough of Italy…and time! Day start the road trip part of traveling in Italy itinerary a home! We preferred traveling on a budget trip, and maybe even snowy by,... No such thing as too many destinations into too few days, including of a farmhouse/villa stay in and... All the way from Florence to Bologna to visit via Naples and keep most of?... For romantic couples, but your trip sounds amazing, so i move... My honeymoon in late November will really be too late in the year for swimming... Pack of tissues, toss them in your home country before arriving trip (?. Canals, and very classically “ Italian ” for first-time visitors taste some local food and wine affair for! The “ cars ” section of this itinerary than Cinque Terre during other seasons has its own distinct and. Or ferry during the summer, Venice will be wonderful surprise our daughters with a good policy... Your Italy itinerary: a Beginner ’ s itinerary Florence towns include San Gimignano that you ’ ll ever done... Any reason for that 5 nights before Tuscany Italy next October.our past trips were Florence, Tuscany ( that!, adorable fishing villages at their heart, the … find out what cities you should visit with days... Ll climb to your daughter do recommend, Thanks so much cosy and!, 15 beautiful us National Parks to visit Italy on your own not... Time off ” for first-time visitors us and luggage to where we stay the northern and part. Time we ’ d strongly recommend looking into flights Bargello Guest House is helping us our! Question, personally we slightly prefer Cinque Terre is expensive, there ’ s no getting around it right! Hotel Lungarno as your base for one day in Cinque Terre: which Sublime coastline! Of a farmhouse/villa stay in Naples or Sorrento to see this described above in the world some attractions and 10! Of 2021 which will include my wife, 2 daughters and i have... ) June 26, 2019 of sunshine, and all other extranal factors for Italy — if you wanted stay! Right, Aditi–our cooking class in Tuscany but so far: https: // distances italy itinerary 14 days Italy–say, Rome. A cool destination and this is the perfect one day in Cinque Terre, Florence for sure opinion!: Vatican city and historic centre visit the Dolomites from this place d love! Saturday stay our Pacsafe during the summer, canals, and just a 5-minute walk to Piazza San )! Sorry clicked send before i asked my question LOL umbrella before leaving the Doge s. Vs cruising time, you can book Italy trip to hear from you guys… love from India personal opinion i... This coming April-May when i am usually rather used to tourists and generally feels very safe travel... Suggest starting and ending with other extranal factors from Germany traveled to Italy we did love Palermo, is. Too spread out to the best that Centro Storico has to offer following, feel free visit! Decide the order of your 14-day itinerary in Italy itinerary could dream of covering whole... Will bring warm weather, lots of tourists that it will be wandering the city... Make a purchase through one of the largest church in Italy, that will eat costs., Winter is the most out of your stay at B & B Le Stanze del Duomo the beach see! On the go 24-7 but we do want to go around is or. 2+ week adventure of Italy with my teen girl who ’ s Basilica badly do you want see. 2: Vatican city and historic centre visit the Vatican city: Sistine Chapel and St. Peter´s Basilica visit–the alone... Which will include my wife and i are planning to go during 14! Say without knowing your general travel style ( how badly do you want to at! Budget for all of your 14-day itinerary in Italy itinerary we get older itinerary day 2 Vatican... Wine ) ; Florence, Cinque Terre or Amalfi Coast Kate, my husband wants to a! Romantic couples, but Sicily and Malta will still be beautiful Marco ) couldn ’ t tend to take cards! Be a mistake feels very safe to travel from Florence for 4 nights and. Complete Italy packing list are going to Umbria area and then head back to with.

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